Precision, consistency and repeatability are valued everywhere and every time. It’s what makes us sharp, trustworthy and seeking for more. The photonics sector is no exception – just as everywhere else, practice makes perfect.

At OPTOMAN, we understand the importance of repeatability in laser optics manufacturing. Your customer invested in your laser system and expects nothing less than was promised. In a close market like photonics, your credibility is always on the line when delivering products. Therefore you invest in high quality, excellent performance laser optics that are crucial for your advanced laser system performance. Laser optics can not disappoint you because you can not disappoint your customer.

Imagine relying on a laser optics manufacturer that can make exceptional optics but fails to reproduce them consistently. What confidence do you have that the next batch will meet the same exact standards? And what happens when you need more of them, perhaps for scaling up or expanding your projects? Suddenly, doubt about the reliability of your system starts to emerge.

And this is where (but not only) OPTOMAN sets itself apart. We don’t just promise high-quality optics, we deliver reliability, consistency, and consequently peace of mind for you.

What we also deliver is honesty. Even superheroes make mistakes. Remember when Spider-Man trusted Mysterio and handed over the E.D.I.T.H. glasses? Spider-Mans' secret identity was revealed on TV afterward. 

OPTOMAN also makes mistakes (probably less impactful on the peace in the World though), but these are always investigated so they won't repeat. Therefore, we are happy to share such statistics.

Example #1

Let’s dig deeper and take one of many examples – our bestseller coating ULLM5. It has low absorption, high Laser-Induced Damage Threshold, low and spectrally uniform Group Delay Dispersion (GDD), and high reflectivity. Most importantly, we’ve made more than 100 coating runs with extreme confidence and precision, and subsequently - repeatability.

A comparison between calculated theoretical and measurements of reflectivity of the ULLM5 coatings. Coating (IBS): Rs>99.95% & HRp>99.9% @ 1010 - 1050 nm, AOI=45° |GDD Rs|<10 fs², |GDD Rp|<20 fs²

However making a single wavelength high reflectivity coating is, while not easy, not specifically spectrally difficult. As an example, a seriously challenging coating is when a sharp High Reflectivity + High Transmittivity (HR+HT) conversion is needed. The complexity seriously increases when an extensive amount of layers with varying refractive indices need to be used to achieve the desired optical properties. Any small deviations from the design specifications can significantly lower the optical performance.

Example #2

This covered, let’s move on to another example. OPTOMAN, by mastering the Ion-Beam Sputtering (IBS) technology, perfecting the design and coating process, and pre- and post-coating procedures, has manufactured a product that takes serious skill.  And not just manufactured, but we’ve done a coating batch like this 14 consecutive times without any deviation from the promised yield. Moreover, only 0.5% of all manufactured optics of this design came with a spectral defect (10 pcs from 2400 pcs). The following is a graph, containing spectral performance theoretical HR+HT design data and spectral measurements of these manufactured optics from different coating batches.

A comparison between calculated theoretical and measurements of transmittivity of the HR+HT conversion coatings. Coatings (IBS): HT>98.5% @ 970 nm - 990 nm + R>90% @ 1030 nm, AOI=0°

As we can see, HR+HT conversion laser optics from 14 consecutive batches possess the exact specifications. This isn’t just a testament to our technical superpowers – it’s a statement of our commitment to delivering laser optics with high confidence and most importantly, repeatability.

Because with great laser power comes great responsibility for coaters!