Membrane mirrors


Let’s say an ugly laser beam wavefront is making your images worse: the object in a picture looks distorted and it’s due to not-good-enough quality mirrors. The distortion sounds good in rock music with all those guitars, but definitely not in optics.


In deformable mirrors, the distortion then needs to be compensated using a dynamic range of piezo elements. But not anymore! You can save precious energy using IBS-coated membrane mirrors!

OPTOMAN can help to correct the distorted wavefront with IBS dielectric coatings. The main exceptionality of this product is that OPTOMAN is able to control surface flatness and can make coatings on very thin substrates.


Substrate diameter up to Ø400mm

Membrane mirrors tend to be big in diameter, so OPTOMAN has optimized the capacity of coating chamber to be able to coat large optics.

Surface Flatness <λ/10 per each Ø12.7mm region

OPTOMAN precisely controls surface flatness and defines it per various parts of the clear aperture.

High reflectance >99.95%

Well it's a mirror, so of course, OPTOMAN pays big attention to the reflection values and works towards increasing it.

Custom design Custom
  • High LIDT optimization (>1 J/cm^2 @ 1030 nm, 500 fs)
  • GDD optimization (<20 fs^2 @ 1030nm)

Design Examples

HR>99.9% @ 1043-1053 nm, AOI=0-10°

Company certificates

OPTOMAN is registered on the JOSCAR (Joint Supply Chain Accreditation Register) for defence and aerospace industries.


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