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OPTOSHOP - a proactive response to the increasing industry demand for ultrafast laser optics

The increasing industry demand for high-power ultrafast laser optics has prompted a proactive reaction to it. Thus OPTOMAN introduced
OPTOSHOP – Your Gateway to Advanced Laser Optics.

Technological features

Ultrafast laser optics available at OPTOSHOP, designed to cover Yb:KGW, Yb:KYW, Yb:YAG, Yb doped fiber laser lines, feature extraordinary spectral performance and precisely controlled Group Delay Dispersion (GDD) values. OPTOMAN’s commitment to research and development allowed reducing the absorption of the so-called SuperHero Power laser optics below 2ppm. This technological refinement enabled higher Laser-Induced Damage Threshold (LIDT) values than market-standard high-power laser optics.

In addition to addressing concerns related to catastrophic damage, OPTOMAN acknowledges the importance of real-life applications involving extended use of ultrafast laser optics - which is using them for a large number of pulses. In that case, evidence of color change shows, which is caused by the degradation and fatigue effect of coatings. It is clear, that even the slightest improvement in absorption can significantly reduce the mentioned before fatigue effect and degradation process. Strategically working towards color-change elimination, OPTOMAN did several R&D runs, aiming to optimize coating design, coating parameters as well as pre- and post-coating processes. Consequently, the SuperHero Power ultrafast laser optics available at OPTOSHOP are immune to color change, which contributes to the reduction of the Total Cost of Ownership.

No limitations for researchers

Leaving the technological aspects behind, OPTOMAN also acknowledged a challenge faced by researchers at universities and companies — limited access to advanced laser optics for testing purposes due to the elevated prices and lead times of full coating batches. OPTOSHOP solves just that. From now on you do not need to sacrifice quality by resorting to market-standard laser optics that may fall short of expectations. Now, researchers can access advanced laser optics with fast delivery times, enhancing innovation within the field.

Apart from accessibility issues, OPTOMAN recognized the (not so) ease of use of the web pages circling the photonics market. Many of them are hard to navigate and finding the precise products that meet your application needs becomes a burden. OPTOMAN, after extensive research of web page enhancement possibilities, has made OPTOSHOP to be an easy-to-use website using advanced search engines and filters while maintaining wide and informative scope, ensuring that customers can effortlessly find the products that best suit their requirements.

With OPTOSHOP's fast delivery, user-friendly interface, and OPTOMAN’s commitment to producing the best quality laser optics, finding the perfect advanced ultrafast laser optics solutions has never been easier.



This mirror has very high LIDT, low and spectrally uniform GDD and spectacular spectral performance at 1030 nm.
0.5" option  ; 1" option ; 2" option


A SuperHero Power variant of the ULLM5 coating. Even better LIDT specifications, higher than any standard ultrafast mirror in the photonics market.
0.5" option  ; 1" option ; 2" option


High LIDT, low and spectrally uniform GDD and great spectral performance at 1030 nm with wide-angle capabilities
0.5" option  ; 1" option ; 2" option


Low and spectrally uniform GDD, high LIDT and amazing spectral performance at 515 nm.
0.5" option  ; 1" option ; 2" option


Multiwavelength mirror with low and spectrally uniform GDD, high LIDT and amazing spectral performance at 1030 nm and 515 nm.
0.5" option  ; 1" option


High Power Thin-Film Polarizer with high LIDT and spectacular reflectance and transmittivity values at 1030 nm.
1" option ; 2" option