High Reflectivity Mirrors


In space and defense applications, laser systems play a critical role in various areas, including communication and navigation. Extreme conditions require these systems and their components, especially laser optics, to feature high environmental stability and spectral performance OPTOMAN has developed application-optimized laser optics with increased longevity and LIDT, while maintaining low degradation. OPTOMAN’s laser optics not only survive the harsh space, but also thrive and showcase excellent spectral performance.

Key Problems

Short duty cycle and lifetime of laser optics caused by coating absorption and laser damage.

Beam profile deformation

Polarization sensitivity requires beam delivery components to be optimized for s and p at the same time.

Multiple wavelengths coverage in the system.

What can OPTOMAN do for the space and defence markets?

Enhanced lifetime, environmentally stable laser optics featuring excellent spectral performance.

Custom design Custom
  • Spectral range 193 nm - 5000 nm.
  • Size range from 3 mm up to 360 mm (500 mm is under development).
  • Custom shape, curvature and size.
  • High reflection, anti-reflection, polarizing and other type of coatings available
  • Optimization for 2, 3, 4 or more wavelengths.
  • Various angles of incidence.

How OPTOMAN ensures that laser optics are suitable for space

LIDT measurement @ 1030 nm, 500 fs, 185 µm

Catastrophic (108-on-1): 1.119 J/cm2.
Color change (CC) (108-on-1): 0.78 J/cm2.
Extrapolated CC (1012-on-1): 0.48 J/cm2.

High Reflectivity mirrors for Space and Defence applications

IBS-coated laser mirrors feature high reflectivity and LIDT values as well as low absorption, making
them a perfect choice for space & defense applications.

Design Example No. 1

HRsp>99% @ 1064 nm + 1070 nm + 1550 nm, AOI=45°

Multiple wavelengths High Reflectivity mirror for space and defense applications.

Design Example No. 2

Rsp>99.95% @ 850 nm, AOI = 45°

Single wavelength High Reflectivity mirror featuring great environmental stability.

Company certificates

OPTOMAN is registered on the JOSCAR (Joint Supply Chain Accreditation Register) for defence and aerospace industries.


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