Thin Film Polarizers for Ultraviolet Lasers


Inspired by the challenge industrial players in the micromachining and semiconductor markets face - short lifetime of laser optics, OPTOMAN has done quite a unique thing – optimized the IBS coating process to make low absorption and high longevity dielectric optical components for Ultraviolet lasers.

Ultraviolet Lasers and their optics are so tricky that OPTOMAN likes to call them Ultra Viole[n]t. One of the problems is that scattering and absorption losses need to be well managed to ensure a high degree of polarization in the UV range, as they increase considerably when the wavelengths go down. Another problem - long-term degradation of the mirrors is another big issue when working with intense UV lasers.

OPTOMAN is able to lower the Total Cost of Ownership

OPTOMAN, by  exploiting his superpowers of a strong focus on the surface quality and well-optimized coating technology, flawlessly conquers the main challenges that UV optics face:

· Low transparency due to absorption.
· Scattering due to even tiny imperfections.
· Laser damage and long-term degradation.


OPTOMAN ensures the cost of supply wouldn't be just the tip of the iceberg when purchasing optics.
Laser optics made by OPTOMAN, due to low absorption, low surface roughness and high batch-to-batch repeatability, offer higher longevity than optics produced by others, thus
lowering the Total Cost of Ownership.


Custom design Custom
  • Custom shape, size.
  • Optimization for ultrafast applications.
  • Size range from 3 mm up to 360 mm.

Why not Metal or Fluoride Coatings?

Fluoride: Metal:
Soft coatings

High surface roughness

Scattering and rapid coating degradation
High absorption


Laser damage


Low absoprtion and scatter loss.

IBS coatings feature negligible influence on scatter and absorption loss.

High laser-induced damage threshold.

OPTOMAN deposits ultra hard dielectric coatings for high damage threshold in most demanding laser applications.

Enhanced duty cycle.

Due to the reduced number of bulk and surface defects, mirrors are resistant to the fatigue effect.

High purity fused silica substrates.

For excellent thermal and temporal stability, we use high purity fused silica substrates.

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