Extreme low-loss Mirrors


Are you involved in specific applications that require extreme low-loss optics? Our new and improved mirrors complement OPTOMAN's product range. IBS coated mirrors deliver a maximum reflectivity of R>99.998% and total losses <2 ppm (absorption, scatter, and transmission) at a discrete wavelength and angle of incidence.

Coatings are applied on high purity fused silica substrates (plane, spherical, or wedged) and polished to an RMS roughness of < 2 Å. Simultaneously, the coatings feature high environmental stability due to the near-bulk packing density of coating films that experience virtually no performance shift due to environmental factors, such as temperature and humidity.

Very high reflectance values for intricate coating designs such as GTI laser mirrors with R>99.95%, or thin-film polarizers with Tp/Ts >10000:1, can be utilized as well. 


Reflectance >99.998%

Mirrors are available with a CRD measurement that justify reflectivity and loss values.

High laser induced damage threshold

Ultra-hard dielectric coatings for high damage threshold in most demanding laser applications. LIDT values reach >50 J/cm2 @ 1064 nm, 10 ns, S-on-1.

Extremely low absorption and scatter loss

IBS coated mirrors feature an absorption below 1 ppm.

Super polished fused silica substrates

Substrates with RMS roughness <1 Å are mandatory for making extreme low-loss coatings.

Custom design Custom
  • Size range from 3 mm up to 360 mm.
  • Spectral range from 500 nm up to 2000 nm.
  • Custom shape, curvature, size.
  • Optimization for specific AOI or AOI cone.
  • Multi-wavelength design and broadband configuration.
  • Optimization for ultrafast applications.

Roughness of substrates

Roughness plays a critical role in managing the total integrated scatter to be as low as possible. The big goal is to stay below 2 Å value, which is possible with fancy super-polished substrates.

Absorption - not a burden anymore

Light absorption is another loss driver and is responsible for unwanted thermal effects in high power laser systems. Keeping absorption rates below 2 ppm, reflectance value above 99.998% is achievable as well as component heating effect is negligible if existing at all.


The graph show logitudinal photothermal absorption measured of HR @ 1064 nm coating.

Design Example

HR (R>99.995%) @ 1064nm, AOI=0deg

CRD measurement

Looking for robust mirror mounting solutions?

OPTOMAN recommends highly precise and robust mounting and packaging solutions from PHOTONICPARTS.

In-stock options

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