Wavelength Separators


Wavelength Separators or Dichroic Mirrors have a significantly different reflection of transmission properties at two or more different wavelengths. These mirrors are used as pump light injectors in resonators, end mirrors with intracavity frequency doubling or a simple harmonic separator in case of external frequency doubling, tripling, etc. IBS coated Wavelength Separators feature spectral drift-free performance, which is why very sharp edge configurations are feasible.

Our Wavelength Separators are optimized for high power laser applications providing the best possible extinction ratio between transmitted and reflected laser beams. 


Optimized for high power applications

Dichroic mirrors feature LDT values as high as >40 J/cm2 and >10 J/cm2 for reflected and transmitted laser beams respectively.

Transmittance optimized configuration

Have you ever seen steep edge laser Dichroic Mirror with transmittance over 99% and reflectance over 99.9%? Yes, this is possible.

Optimized for ultrashort laser pulses

Wavelength Separators for ultrafast applications feature minimum pulse dispersion.

Hard, durable and environmentally stable

IBS coated Wavelength Separators feature spectral drift free performance.

Low wavefront distortion

Reflected and transmitted wavefront distortion <λ/10.

Custom design Custom
  • Spectral range from 200 nm up to 5000 nm.
  • Broadband and multiwavelength configuration.
  • Available in short pass, long pass or bandpass configuration.
  • Substrate size, shape and curvature.
  • Optimization for ultrafast applications.
  • Constant phase configuration.

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