AR Coated Lenses


Our lenses are IBS coated and optimized for high laser power applications. This means that they can be used for intracavity, multi-kW CW, and ultrafast pulses applications.

For the sake of performance, we choose optimized and low absorption fused silica so that they are free of thermal shift during operation. Coatings being near bulk, durable and non-porous provide negligible fatigue and insensitive environmental performance.


Suitable for multi-kW, intracavity and ultrafast applications.

IBS coated and optimized for high laser power applications.

Reflectance per surface down to R<0.01%.

Sputtered anti-reflective coatings feature performance close to theorectical.

High Damage Threshold

AR coatings have laser induded damage threshold in range of 20 - 30 J/cm2, 1064 nm, 10 ns, S-on-1. 

Absorption loss <1 ppm per coated surface @ 1064 nm.

Absorption is the main damage and fatigue driver. With absorption being at low level, AR coated lenses feature enhanced duty cycle.

Thermal shift free performance, negligible fatigue of coated surface.

Durable, non-porous and near bulk coatings.

Custom design Custom
  • (Bi)Convex, (Bi)Concave, meniscus shapes and cylindrical lenses.
  • Sapphire, YAG as a substrate material for mid-IR applications.
  • High purity FS optimized for wavelength range. Bulk absorption down to 1 ppm/cm.
  • Diameter from 3 mm up to 270. mm.
  • Single wavelength, multiwavelength and broadband configuration.
  • Spectral range from 200 nm up to 5000 nm.

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