Multi-wavelength Mirrors


One of the options to reflect several discrete wavelengths are broadband mirrors, but there is another way to deal with two or more discrete wavelengths - the usage of dual or multi-wavelength mirrors. Broadband dielectric mirrors exhibit a flat reflectance of ~99%, while performance-optimized dual-wavelength mirrors reflect more than 99.7% of light at each wavelength.


Optimized for 2, 3, 4 or more wavelengths.

High deposition accuracy allows OPTOMAN to offer true multi-wavelength design mirrors with a high reflection at each discrete wavelength.

High Laser-Induced Damage Threshold

OPTOMAN deposits ultra hard dielectric coatings for high damage threshold in most demanding laser applications: >50 J/cm2 @ 1064 nm, 15 J/cm2 @ 532 and 5 J/cm2 @355 nm

Spectral Range 200 - 5000 nm

With coating materials in OPTOMAN disposition, we can manufacture coatings within a 200 - 5000 nm range. This means that you can choose any wavelengths from this range for your multi-wavelength mirror.

Custom design Custom
  • Spectral range from 200 nm up to 5000 nm.
  • Size range from 3 mm up to 360 mm.
  • Optimization for ultrafast applications.
  • Multi-wavelength broadband configuration.
  • Custom shape, curvature, size.
  • Polarization insensitive design.

Looking for robust mirror mounting solutions?

OPTOMAN recommends highly precise and robust mounting and packaging solutions from PHOTONICPARTS.

In-stock options

If you're interested in standard or in-stock options, feel free to check out Multi-Wavelength dielectric mirrors in OPTOSHOP!
And if you're using an Ultrafast Laser - have a look here.

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