Broadband Dielectric Mirrors


Is your goal to steer multiple laser beams or handle light from a broadband light source? Are metallic coatings not providing you with a sufficient reflectance efficiency? Why don't you try out OPTOMAN's broadband dielectric mirrors? Our durable broadband dielectric mirrors will allow one to manipulate light over a broadband spectral range at a wide acceptance angle. At the same time, our dielectric coatings are more resistant to humidity, thermal changes, abrasion, and salt exposure. A new set of features will give you a competitive advantage in demanding and harsh applications.


Absolute reflectance Rs>99.95% and Rp>99.9%

The reflectance of broadband mirrors is always compromising with bandwidth. The Rs and Rp are >99.95% and 99.9%, respectively, for spectral ranges narrower than 200 nm.

Optimized for high laser-induced damage threshold

Mirrors are optimized for high power pulsed, as well as CW lasers. 50 J/cm2, 1064 nm, 10 ns, S-on-1 is not a limit for these mirrors.

Low absorption and scatter loss.

IBS coatings feature a negligible influence on scattering (<5 ppm) and absorption loss (<2 ppm).

Resistant to environment changes.

The performance of IBS coated mirrors is not influenced by humidity, temperature, and other environmental conditions.

High purity fused silica substrates.

For excellent thermal and temporal stability, high purity fused silica substrates are used.

Custom design Custom
  • Spectral range from 200 nm up to 5000 nm.
  • Size range from 3 mm up to 360 mm.
  • Optimization for ultrafast applications.
  • Polarization insensitive design.
  • Optimization for specific AOI or AOI cone.
  • Custom shape, curvature, size.

Looking for robust mirror mounting solutions?

OPTOMAN recommends highly precise and robust mounting and packaging solutions from PHOTONICPARTS.

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